Florida’s Fresh with Arvila Food Export, Carb Americas and DiBartolo Tomatoes

These Florida Pavilion exhibitors are serious about their produce and are all based in the Sunshine State of Florida. The Americas Food and Beverage Show’s 20th anniversary will be on September 26 and 27, 2016 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Arvila Florida Exports provide distributors with fruits such as mangos, avocados, lychees, longans and many other fruits of high market.  They also have a line of mescal, rum and wine.  Find them in Booth 129 in the Florida Pavilion at this year’s show.


From the tropic growers to the European consumer, Arvila provides our distributors with fruits such as mangos, avocados, lychees, longans and many other fruits of high market value with increased popularity among the EU health oriented consumers.

A 15 year veteran company Carb Americas is a source for fresh produce from South and Central America.  Based out of Pompano Beach, FL you will find CarbAmericas in booth 220 in the Florida Pavilion

Carb Americas

Jimmy DiBartolo, is a restaurant wholesaler, who over the years refined his canning process to include a porcelain-lined can that prevents the tomatoes from picking up the metallic taste that you can sometimes find in a canned tomato.  His tomatoes will be harvested at the end of the summer in Foggia, get canned near Naples, Italy and ultimately end up in restaurants.  With offices in West Palm Beach you find DiBartolo tomatoes in the Florida Pavilion booth 108.

Dibartolo tomatoes

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